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Discover the double salty licorice fun: Stalls Lollipop's 4x250g Sensation

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The licorice super hit: twice as salty, four times as tasty!

Ready for a flavor explosion that will send your mouth on a roller coaster ride? Then buckle up, because Stalls Lollipop's double-salted licorice deal is not a snack for those on the quiet side! We're talking about the crème de la crème, the ultimate test of your licorice love. With our 4x250g heavyweight package we deliver a load of pure joy straight to your home - perfect for licorice astronauts looking for the next big kick!

  • 250g Dubbel Zout Rond : These hard licorice rounds are so salty that they will encourage your taste buds to make a spontaneous polonaise! Only for true licorice sheriffs.
  • 250g DZ briquettes : square, practical, super salty! Our DZ briquettes come with a salt content that makes even North Sea fish's scales stand on end.
  • 250g Goud Zout : For the gentle palate pirates among you - soft licorice that flatters and at the same time is the icing on the cake.
  • 250g DZ Triangles : Three corners, three wins! These double salty triangles are the Everest for the true licorice connoisseurs. Are you ready for the climb?

At Stalls Lollipop we take our licorice seriously - but not ourselves. That's why we promise you not only a treat for the taste buds, but also a lot of fun with our double salt licorice deal. Because what could be better than having fun together with the crazy faces when you try something out? Grab your package now and become part of the salty licorice legion. Your taste buds will thank you (or not)!

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