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Fortisal Double Salty Liquorice - 250g delicious Dutch licorice in a single pack

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Double Wave of Intensity: Fortisal Double Salty Liquorice by Stalls Lollipop ????

Single pack (250g) - Fortisal Double Salted Liquorice: For those who want to enjoy the intense kick of salty licorice in a perfectly measured form, our 250g single pack offers just the right dose. Each piece of our Fortisal licorice is an invitation to explore the complexity and richness of one of the world's oldest sweets, reinterpreted with a double touch of salt for an unforgettable taste. ??? This licorice is for the true connoisseurs who appreciate the balance between sweet and salty and crave a sweet that offers more than just a fleeting moment of pleasure. Our individual pack is your personal companion on a journey into the depths of taste, an adventure that you will want to rediscover again and again. ?? Our Fortisal double salt licorice is the result of a passion for craftsmanship and an attention to detail. It appeals to those who don't just want to eat but experience; who appreciate every nuance and crave intensity. With this licorice in your hand, you're holding more than just a candy - you're holding a piece of culinary art. ?? Whether you choose the double pack or the single pack, Fortisal by Stalls Lollipop is an experience you don't want to miss. It is a tribute to the power of taste and an invitation to rediscover the world of sweets, beyond the ordinary. ?? Welcome to the world of Stalls Lollipop, where every candy tells a story and every piece of licorice is a promise of unparalleled enjoyment. With Fortisal double salt licorice we open the door to a new dimension of taste - intense, daring and unforgettable. ????
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