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Fortisal Double Salty Liquorice - 500g delicious Dutch licorice in a double pack

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Double Wave of Intensity: Fortisal Double Salty Liquorice by Stalls Lollipop ????

Double pack (2x250g) - Fortisal Double Salted Liquorice: Dive into the deep, unfathomable waters of flavor with the Fortisal double pack, a true treasure for all lovers of intensely salty licorice. ?? At Stalls Lollipop, our mission is to bring you not just a candy, but a culinary adventure that challenges and rewards your taste buds. ?????? With two 250g packs of our double salt licorice, you'll have the perfect amount to satisfy or share your longing for the deep, rich taste of the sea. Each piece of licorice is like a wave rolling over you, intense and refreshing, with a pinch of salt that carries you to distant shores. ?? The production of this unique treat is based on a careful selection of ingredients that will make every licorice lover's heart beat faster. Our Fortisal liquorice is not only intense in taste, but also a testament to our dedication to quality and purity. ?? The double pack is ideal for those who want to share their experience, be it a movie night ??, a social gathering with friends ?? or simply as a gift for a fellow licorice aficionado. ?? Each pack promises double the pleasure and double the joy, wrapped in the deep, tantalizing aroma of real, salty licorice.
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