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Slaps Lollipops Watermelon - Let your creativity run wild - pack of 10

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Slap-tastic lollipop party! 🎉🍭🌈

Immerse yourself in the colorful world of Slaps lollipops Watermelon ! 🎉 An irresistible whirlwind of flavor and fun that will take your tongue to an adventure land of flavors. With a magic trick in your pocket - you can knead, shape and stuff these lollipops with your favorite fillings! 🌟 From juicy apple to tropical mango, every twist brings you one step closer to the ultimate taste experience. 🍏🥭 And the best part? You are the artists! Twist it, bend it, fill it - your imagination is the only limit! 🎨 The Slaps lollipops Original Mix are not only a firework of flavors, but also a kaleidoscope of colors. 🌈 Perfect for any party, whether on the beach, in the garden or as a colorful bright spot in the office. They are the superheroes of snacking, ready to defeat boredom with a knockout punch! 💥 And for the creative minds out there: How about a #SlapsLutscherChallenge on TikTok? Show the world how to twist, turn and fill your Slaps lollipops! 🎥 Share your craziest creations and become part of a community dedicated to enjoyment and creativity. 🌟 Join our colorful fiesta and let your creativity run wild. The Slaps lollipops Original Mix are not just a candy, they are an invitation to play, discover and enjoy every bite to the fullest. 🎉 So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Slaps lollipop and let the party begin! 🎉 #SlapYourWorldWithFlavor 🌈🍭


Sugar, glucose syrup, acidulants (malic acid, fumaric acid, citric acid), salt, gum arabic, sodium lactate, artificial flavors, artificial color (E133, E102). Product contains azo dyes. May impair activity and attention in children.

Nutritional information per 100 gr./ml.
calorific value 1,675.00 kj
400.00 kcal
carbohydrates 100.00 gr
of that: Sugar 90.00 gr
Protein 0.00 gr
Fat 0.00 gr
of that: saturated fatty acids 0.00 gr
Salt 0.38 gr

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