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🍬🌶️🥛 Stalls Lollipop Licorice Candy Trio: Pepper, Cream & Cachous! 🍬🌶️🥛

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Discover the variety of Stalls Lollipop licorice candies!

Immerse yourself in the world of taste explosions with our exquisite selection of licorice candies! In this irresistible trio you'll find pepper licorice, cream licorice and Cachous candies - each variety carefully crafted to delight your senses!

  • Pepper licorice: A hint of spiciness and sweetness combine to create an unforgettable taste experience. These candies are perfect for those who like to enjoy a little spice in their licorice!
  • Cream licorice: The delicate creaminess of the cream gives these candies a unique texture and a mild taste that melts delicately in the mouth. A real treat for all lovers of sweet licorice!
  • Cachous candies: Crispy Cachous covered in the finest licorice - these candies are a feast for all the senses! The perfect combination of crunch and licorice flavor that makes every bite an unforgettable experience!

Each variety comes in a generous 250g pack for you to enjoy and share. Whether for yourself or as a gift for a licorice lover, these candies are sure to be a hit!

So, experience the delicious variety of Stalls Lollipop licorice candies and fall in love with the taste of spicy pepper licorice, creamy cream licorice and crunchy Cachous candies all over again!

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