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🌟 An eye-catcher in size and taste: Our Mega Spiral Lolly, 27cm in diameter and weighing 1000g! 🍭

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🌟 Immerse yourself in the taste rush with our Mega Spiral Lolly! 🍭

Are you ready for a sweet adventure in XXL format? Our Mega Spiral Lolly is not just a treat, but a truly superlative taste experience! With a gigantic diameter of 27 cm and a weight of 1000g, this lolly is a real heavyweight when it comes to enjoyment!

🌀 The combination of crunchy sugar, aromatic glucose syrup and refreshing water forms the basis for this delicious treat. Infused with a colorful play of colors and an explosion of exotic flavors, every bite of our Mega Spiral Lolly is an unforgettable experience!

🌈 With its impressive appearance and irresistible taste, our Mega Spiral Lolly is not only a highlight at every party, but also an eye-catcher that is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention!

📏 And don't worry, for us it's not just "bigger is better", but also "enjoy responsibly". All ingredients are carefully selected:

- Sugar
- glucose syrup
- Water
- acidulant (E330)
- Aroma
- Dyes: E104*, E110*, E122*, E129*, E133, E171
(*May affect activity and attention in children)

📊 The nutritional information per 100g speaks for itself:

- Energy: 1693kJ/398kcal
- Fat: 0g
- Of which saturated fatty acids: 0g
- Carbohydrates: 99.6g
- Of which sugar: 89g
- Protein: 0g
- Salt: 0g

📝 Get our Mega Spiral Lolly now and let yourself be seduced by a superlative taste adventure!

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